Cultural Justice towards our binge drinking society



Like many my age, the weekend means one thing. The thought of drinking and dressing ourselves up is a thought that excites most.

However, a blanket hangs over the thought of what the weekend might entail. We are doing what we enjoy, yet, we are made to feel ashamed. Slayed by other countries, young Brit’s are pressured into tackling the binge problem that we all appear to have.

I would be naive to reject the notion that we, as Brit’s do consume far too much alcohol, nonetheless, I feel the amount of grief and pressure we receive from other countries is unjustified.

Albeit, unhealthy, it is part of my generations culture and it is something that we enjoy and has become part of our lives.

However, middle-eastern culture, in countries such as Iraq, is to stone women who bring dishonor towards the community. I know it is extreme to compare the two. However, it is just to add some perspective. To receive such criticism about our drinking culture is just a red herring from what actually needs focus. Although no one condones the behavior in these countries, it feels that Britain is targeted much more, just because we have a drinking problem amongst the younger generations. How is this justifiable?

Yes, our drinking culture is harmful. But at least we are hurting ourselves and not others. At least we aren’t inflicting pain and angst onto others in our community because of the way they live their lives.

A thought, that maybe if the same amount of time was spent pressuring countries, in which their cultures cause harm to others, then maybe we could begin to eliminate concerning issues such as stoning and honor killings.

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