Bloggin ‘ell

‘Blogging’ and processing my thoughts into solid form is a new phenomenon to me. To many it may seem as such a simple task, just write what you feel right?
When you have so many thoughts running through your mind, it is much more challenging putting into words what you truly think. Blogging is such a great way to organise your thoughts. Sounds silly, but it is hard to express fully your ideas to someone with it sounding the same as you thought it in your head. I have so many opinions and thoughts surrounding the world and the way in which it works, but I find it so hard to express myself without sounding like a complete amateur who lacks substance to their work.
Yes writing a blog is about sharing your opinion to the world, and it is a very easy way to do it. However, when I write I feel compelled to impress people with my words. Surely I should be comfortable in my own thoughts, irregardless of the opinion of anyone else?
I contradict my own writing, when I implore people to break away from the conformities of society, yet I am sat here on my laptop trying to make my blog ‘interesting’ and ‘well-written’ to gain followers and approval.
Just some food for thought…



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