Why Aren’t We All Twerking?

Because maybe, we don’t want to.


It seems that the obsession with the twerking, tongue-wagging Miley Cyrus is dominating media recently. Her sexual acts and nudity seems to be all people can talk about now a days.

The media’s facade that it is open about sexuality is starving women to honestly explore and share with others true and personal experiences. Focusing on stories surrounding the provocative Miley, albeit quite a read (damn I wish I could shake my ass like that), are alienating these women, causing them to be shameful about their sexual encounters.

However, I feel that the media is missing the point. ‘Twerking’ and running around topless is not enough to satisfy the public’s sexual appetite. Britain is changing. Formerly, a country where the public were exhorted to keep their desires and urges behind closed doors, we are now transforming into a society where being open about our needs is liberating and applauded. How can such little light be shone on this subject in the media? Fooling us that rebellious pop-stars are icons of sexuality is depriving us.

Then I came across ‘Do Tell’. A blog set up by Melissa Tapper Goldman. It implores women to share their sexual exploits with the public. The main objective of the blog is to urge women to share personal, genuine stories about their sex lives. Well, what a good idea don’t you think?

Finally a medium in which we women can digress our questions, concerns, and our plain interests. Media fools the public into thinking that all women are sexually starved and desperate for ‘good’ sex. Real women aren’t like Miley. Yes, we are sexual beings, but we are not constantly walking around wanting sex all the time (well I know I’m not anyway). This blog is honest about sex, the good and the bad, with women expressing that, ‘I never thought I’d be one of those people who thinks, Oh God, hurry up, but I was’, wow, we aren’t the only ones (I can hear sighs of relief from all the women reading this). This is normal, and at some point in our lives I am sure we have all thought this, men and women. This blog truly highlights the negatives and positives of sexuality, showing women that we are not restrained by the media. If we have a loss of libido or an unusual fetish, that’s ok!. Here we are able to share and converse with others and can be sexually emancipated in doing so.

The obsession, brought on by the media, with young, gyrating females make us feel that we are sexually failing. Shouldn’t we all be shaking our bums and walking around naked? (no answers from men please, haha). Well, no, sometimes we just don’t feel like it! But that’s OK.

The media should pay more attention to the real problems surrounding sexuality in order to avoid placing pressures on women to look and act desirable.

I implore you all to read this blog, finally some truths about sex.



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