Don’t Call Me A Bitch


I really dislike the word. I think it is overused and despite the recent reincarnation as a term of endearment, I will curtly remind anyone not to use on me. Unless I really am being one.

I believe someone can be considered a ‘bitch’ if they are a mean, cruel or selfish person.

However, I do not believe someone is a bitch if they:
Know what they want
Have an opinion
Are successful
Are ambitious
Stand up for themselves and their family
Refuse sex
Want sex
Write this post

I believe this word is inherently sexist. When the word is applied to a woman, it can be interpreted as a woman who is bossy, aggressive, opinionated and unfeminine. Or just about any woman really. However, when the same word is then applied to a male, it is an insult of another nature. It refers to a man who is weak, sensitive, subordinate and ‘unmasculine’. Either way, it refers to someone who is not fulfilling their sex-specific, traditional, gender role.
I understand reclaiming a word, and I am all for it, but I can never be comfortable with this word, no more than I am comfortable with the ‘n word’. They serve the same purpose: to denigrate. We may have become desensitized to the word, but that does not make it OK.

There is a feminist magazine, Bitch, which I read, and it embraces the titular word. Some can argue that it is empowering to reclaim the language of oppression. However, I am ambivalent nonetheless, wondering if it’s real empowerment or internalized patriarchy disguised as such. It is just one of those debates I torment myself with… any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me A Bitch

  1. It just seems so mired within a binary gender system. Either woman is not behaving as a woman should or man is not behaving as a man should. Either way, it’s fucked up. So what if a woman is being opinionated and forceful, why shouldn’t they be? And so what if a man doesn’t have an opinion on something and is being submissive? Why the need for insults? At the end of the day, a bitch is a female dog and shouldn’t be used elsewhere.

    Love and hugs…



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