Blogger’s Block: Terrible Advice from a Complete Amateur

Advice from a complete amateur.

writers block

So I have blogger’s block… I have so many ideas, but trying to form a sentence is hard. I have several titles written, and many posts that are near completion, but they bore me. If my own writing seems dull, then I dread to think what it must be like for you.
I keep hoping that I am going to get hit in the face with some inspiration. But I don’t want to just squeeze out some inane bit of uninspired crap just for posting’s sake. So what does one do in this situation? I thought of a few ideas to relieve brain constipation.

1) Just keep reading other people’s blogs. I can find great ideas to (steal) expand upon in my own words. It also provides a nice little distraction from my own arid imagination.

2) Drink lots and lots of water. Therefore I will have to go to the toilet. I am sure it is a scientific fact that some of the world’s greatest ideas were born here. I know myself that some of my greatest thinking was done there.


3) Catch up on Facebook. Rife with inspiration and lively debate (NOT!). Nonetheless, it provides a nice distraction.

OR… you could just try and create a meager post, writing about the inability to write. As a blogging guru, I suggest telling people about my blockage. It’s a riveting subject, as I am sure you will all agree. Isn’t public whining very on trend nowadays?

Feel free to throw some inspiration my way. You know me, I will try anything once.


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