Cancer Research UK – One Big Scam

cancer scam

Once quite a rare disease, cancer is the second major cause of death in Western countries such as Australia, USA and the United Kingdom. It is said that the increase in cancer is due to the fact that people now live longer than their ancestors did, and that therefore, the increase of cancer deaths and incidents is typical of most Western nations.

Ever wondered why, despite billions of pounds spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever ‘just around the corner’, cancer continues to increase?

Linus Pauling PhD (Two time noble prize winner) argues that: “Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them”.

With this is mind, and with cancer being a personal subject for me I decided to delve into Cancer Research UK and examine exactly what they do in fighting the cause.
Each year the organisation has thousands of women take to the streets, dressed in pink to run a mini marathon in order to raise money for research into the causes of cancer and to find that ever elusive cure.
Each year we are told the same old story. How we are ‘almost there’ and that we are ‘on the brink of finding the cure’. How long are we to be sucked in by the same lies again and again?

The Truth. Cancer Research UK already know the causes of cancer and how to prevent it. However, according to Dr. Robert Sharpe, ‘…in our culture, treating disease is enormously profitable, preventing is not’. The harrowing truth ladies and gentlemen, however, we are not entirely naive to this statement. Deep down we know this is a profitable business rather than a charity. Do we not?

Okay, so lets talk facts… Ah, that’s the problem, there barely is any. Their ever slick, well-designed website seems to give you the runaround. It is vague with hardly any concrete or specific information. Link goes to link with uncertainty and promises. On their website nothing at all is mentioned about what treatment Cancer Research UK has invented, pioneered, trialled or tested.

There are mentions of certain drugs including Tamoxifin and Herceptin. These drugs have in fact been around for years, my mother had to travel to America in order to receive this treatment. If these drugs were currently and readily available in America than why was it not in the UK? Two words, pride and money. Even though these drugs were available in other countries the UK did not want to buy the research from America, they wanted to find the solution themselves. Meanwhile, women who could not afford to travel to the states were deprived of a life-saving drug.

Eventually, when Cancer Research UK found the formula for Herceptin you were only allowed to have this treatment for a year at the cost of £15,000 to the individual. A drug that has kept my mother alive for over seven years so far. What is the point in giving and fundraising for all this research when we don’t have the money to pay for it in our hospitals?

One research that the charity did successfully carry out was for the drug Sutent. This drug is used to treat a type of kidney cancer called renal cell carcinoma, RNC. It was believed that Sutent would help extend life expectancy by at least two years. The drug was put forward to NICE, and rejected on the grounds of simply cost. I reiterate, what is the point in pumping all the money into the research when the country can not afford to administer the drugs.

The website claims that –
“Cancer Research UK is the European leader in the development of novel anti-cancer treatments.”
“We are training the next generation of cancer scientists and doctors”
“More than a million people donate regularly to Cancer Research UK”
“Over one million women have walked, jogged or run in one of our Race for Life events’

These quotes above are on their website. There were none about lives saved by the research that the volunteers and donators are paying for. No facts about what medicines/drugs etc have been developed are in the pipeline.

Okay, so lets talk numbers. Last year £460 million was raised for Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research admits that they spend £130 million pounds on actually generating those funds! 2.5 million pounds on Supporter Relationship Management. This is a strategy for the management of future fund-raising.

They proclaim that the work they do actually cost them, last year 341 million pounds, so they are in fact saying they are just about breaking even.

Here is a list of employees and their pay:
3,935 employees receiving up to £60,000 per year
38 employees receiving up to £70,000 per year
30 employees receiving up to £80,000 per year
21 employees receiving up to £90,000 per year
9 employees receiving up to £100,000 per year
7 employees receiving up to £110,000 per year
1 employee receiving up to £120,000 per year
4 employees receiving up to £130,000 per year
3 employees receiving up to £140,000 per year
2 employees receiving up to £150,000 per year
2 employees receiving up to £160,000 per year
1 employee receiving up to £260,000 per year

Total  equals £34,170,000 spent on waged employees. This figure does not include bonuses and pensions that these employees are entitled to. I wonder if fund raisers know that their donations/collections are being invested on the stock market and are topping up employees pensions, as well as funding some of the highest paid workers around in a recession?

Just some simply maths here… £460,000,000 raised for Cancer Research UK last year. Minus the £341,000,000 that was spent on fundraising and the £34,170,000 spent on wages, we are left with a grand total of £84 million. Hardly ground breaking figures, and definitely not enough money to be supporting the research that SHOULD be occurring.

That is why tomorrow morning at 10am I will not be running the race for life. I signed up months ago under the pretence that I was raising money for a worthy cause. I am still going to run the 10K tomorrow, however, I will be wearing yellow (coincidentally my favourite colour) and I will be running for Macmillan. A charity which does not pretend to spend your hard earned donations on false promises and lies. This charity offers practical, medical and financial SUPPORT for all cancer patients. Now that is something I can run for.

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67 thoughts on “Cancer Research UK – One Big Scam

    • book: Destroying cancer (Tumors) with Ultrasound

      I realized that this book is sold on Amazon. Is there anyone who has read it, they told me that it is very useful ?!
      I saw that this book: Destroying cancer (Tumors) with Ultrasound – is a book written for both doctors and patients and explains treatment with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.
      This technology can treat successfully Benign tumours (Uterine Fibroids, Uterine Adenomyosis, Breast Fibroadenoma) and Malignancies (Liver, Pancreas, Bone, Breast, Kidney, Soft Tissue, Metastatic cancers).
      If anyone is familiar with this book please tell us?!

  1. I’d check out your facts about Macmillan My husband recently died from mesothelioma…….. a rare cancer caused by exposue to asbestos and I wasn’t happy with the Macmillan nurses we ssaw and wondered if anyone else had the same experience. I was doing some research and came across this ………………………………………………………………………………………………… “they are a massively wealthy charity who doesn’t do much. All Macmillan nurses (or radiographers or doctors – any post really) – are only funded by Macmillan for 2 years. After the 2 years, they are fully funded by the NHS but keep the name. So they get massive brand recognition for something that they aren’t actually doing.
    For those who wouldn’t have coped without them when family members were dying – unless you mean the national helpline or the benefits advisors (basically the only people they employ) – it wasn’t Macmillan who helped you, it was the NHS.
    And yes, I work in a Macmillan team that was last funded by them 20+ years ago. We have lots of things that need local fundraising – but a grateful patient will tell us how they donated to Macmillan, thinking it helps us. It was even worse when it was a hospice team who’d never seen any money from Macmillan ever and we totally depended on fundraising to exist – but the donations kept going to Macmillan, who don’t give a shit about this.
    They have massively expensive offices in London and a few years back were in trouble with the Charities Commision for having too big a bank balance they weren’t spending on charity.
    I’ll stop there – but despite wearing a Macmillan badge every day, I’d never give them a penny”

    • I agree that your comments on Macmillan nurses is misplaced. They are, in my experience, useless and a waste of charity money. My wife with cancer was killed by the NHS..I turned to Macmillan for help and support……nothing….absolutely nothing….there was even a Macmillan lounge 50 feet away from my wife’s ward. …she never got a visit…..consequently….I hate them. When are people going to realise charities are great businesses , no start up costs…constant supply of funds…for salaries…pensions…and a career structure…

      • Couldn’t agree more. Since I have written this post my views of Macmillan have changed quite dramatically! My mother died a few months ago, they offered very little help! Especially to my sister and I, who are only young and have no father.

    • i believe all cancer research is a scam, no matter what charity. its just all about money. and there are cures and they dont involve medication neither. chemotherapy is toxic. thte consultants who administer it have to wear gloves. what does that tell you

  2. Excuse my sceptics thinking here but from where do you dredge up the view that cancer is a rare problem not its not., reference to those suffering from what can only be cancer go back to 3000 years BC and many mummies from Egypt have definate signs of cancerous growths on their bodies.

    I suspect you are another nati science conspiracy theorist and perhaps if you might like to produce some indication of evidence to back up your view that medical science knows how to cure cancer we might all be happy……

      • Ageing population does cause cancer, that is fact. Smoking and drinking impacts cancer, that is fact. Unhealthy lifestyles and sitting on a couch and not exercising also impacts it. That is fact. These things are making people get cancer more. There are so many preventative things. “SMOKING CAUSES CANCER” up in lights everywhere yet a lot of people do not listen. Cancer is caused by mutations and all these factors basically lead to cancer. Cancer is different for everyone that’s why it’s hard to cure. A lot of people have died to it and a lot more people will. More people are surviving than ever before. I’m not saying that these people earning large salaries is a good thing but I do believe donating to help this cause is. If you talked to the scientists working their arses off to find a cure I’m sure they’d feel very sad with these harsh theories.

    • @ Michael….. you are foolishly missing the point here….. it doesn’t matter how old or where cancer had been discovered historically…. it’s about exposing how massively lucrative the whole CR UK charity is…… and I agree with the OP, half a billion a year in funding and still no cure?
      It doesn’t take genius to see why they don’t want to solve this horrible problem…… why would they want to put themselves out of business…!

  3. Hi,
    I’d like to point out a few inaccuracies in your blog as I don’t really think it is fair of you to try and discourage people from donating to Cancer Research based on badly researched prejudices.
    I don’t really know where to start because I basically disagree with every part of it but I’ll start in order and see where we go.

    Firstly your rhetorical:
    “Ever wondered why, despite billions of pounds spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever ‘just around the corner’, cancer continues to increase?” .
    Although rhetorical there is an actual answer to this and it’s quite simple: Cancer is not one disease with one cause, there are dozens of kinds each with dozens of causes so there never can be ‘a’ cure’, merely an attempt to treat each different type. To research a single drug takes around 10 years and tens, if not hundreds of millions of pounds. So in short it is a slow expensive process unfortunately.

    Next your bold statement:
    “Linus Pauling PhD (Two time noble prize winner) argues that ‘Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them’.”
    I don’t need to labour my response to this other than to say that he didn’t say this and you will not find a credible source for this. Even if he did (which he didn’t) it would have been a long time ago and have no knowledge of the recent massive discoveries in cancer treatments.

    Now lets look at another quote from Dr Robert Sharpe (who?):

    “in our culture, treating disease is enormously profitable, preventing is not’

    Actually whoever this person is may well have said that. Snipped in isolation it could refer to anything. This bit is bolded “THE TRUTH”. The truth is that someone of no note, said something of no note that has been incorrectly applied to Cancer Research UK who are a NON PROFIT organisation. It’s not even close to being a salient point.

    I won’t quote the whole part but my next issue is with your section marked “Lets talk facts”.
    Your first bold statement claims there aren’t any and that they can’t list anything they have pioneered. Except for the dozens or so in this section . Lets not forget about those shall we? You tehn go on to lament that they cant name a single drug they have trialled/bought to market. That’s because they don’t. They sell the drugs on to companies who are much better at them at doing this to save themselves money and make money to re-invest in research. Your implication that they don’t actually achieve anything is completely and utterly misleading.
    As to your financial analysis I have only the following to say: Cancer research employs some of the finest scientific minds in the world. Do you really expect them to be on minimum wage?
    I would urge you to actually research the blog and once you realise how far off the mark it is, make a little effort to undo the damage that you have inexplicably done to Cancer Research . That would be something commendable

    • I agree with the article but not you Tom, what about the cancer cures that these “charities” withhold? What about the rich funds to companies that a cancer subject – please note in science, am animal used in a study is a subject, a human is a participant, now those people who are subjected to the “normal” cancer treatment of cut, burn and radiate (often with burns as well) it is barbaric and amounts to the person being a subject, or would make it easier to comprehend. So what about the millions in revenue there? what about the initial diagnoses uses uncalibrated (sometimes) doses of radiation which is near the brain and the lymphatic system? What about cancer being a fungus rather than a disease? diseases don’t cause growths. fungus / bacteria and the other microbes do?

      So many questions that science people fail to address, a lot of cancer research is done trough universities as well, further keeping the costs down.


      A friendly neighbourhood biological chemist. (I am a scientist myself!)

    • Thank goodness for an educated, pro-science and non-biased answer to this article, Tom. There is such ignorance from people with no knowledge of the subject, only prejudice and conspiracy theories. There are over 200 types of cancer though many lump them together as one and think they’ll be THE cure. Many survive cancer nowadays..thanks to the research in many countries, including the UK.

    • Thanks Tom, I’m relieved that I’m not the only one out there who didn’t know where to start in replying to the article. There are charities and causes out there that deserve some serious scrutiny, just a pity that the article decides instead, to target one of the well meaning and effective ones. The article is so full of holes and contradictions though that maybe it’ll be a useful learning experience for the author when planning a genuinely thought provoking and paradigm shifting piece about one of the charities that does merit investigation. But then again, maybe I’m conspiring with the hundreds of thousands(maybe millions)of people, like tea ladies and research scientists, who are in on this secret money-making scam to earn “up to £60,000”.

  4. its NICE that decides what drugs are prescribed on the Nhs. Not cancer research. Neither do they make drugs. This article is both inaccurate and irresponsible. Take it down.

  5. How dare you accuse those organizations without any proof? Your blog is an attempt to have people’s attention! You’re a failure as a writer and need to create this sort of publicity so people will hate you for this nonsense! Get a grip woman!

  6. I think there’s truth in this.
    TOM….are you a pharmaceutical shill??
    You present hollow counter points and no evidence. I would thoroughly visit a charity before donating a dime. The author has made many logical points yet you post nonsense like cancer research uk are non profit in response to the point that there’s no money in a cure compared to temporary treatment. Don’t take offense but you’re either feebly illogical or a shill. Well…shills are illogical anyway.
    Evidence and logic or get out and stop propagating uncertainty.
    Perhaps you should read the article again.

    • I have no idea what a shill is, I am a parent who’s daughter is alive purely due to developments made as a result of generous donations from the public to Cancer Research and a cure that could never have been found by pharmaceutical companies because it would have been unprofitable.
      I have no idea what you are talking about when you say “you post nonsense like cancer research UK are non profit etc”. I don’t know why you cant grasp the relevance. The cynical insinuation was that they don’t care about cures because it is unprofitable. My reply is that Cancer Research are a non profit charity thus levels of profit are completely irrelevant to them.
      It is very simple logic.
      You are clearly attacking my post without reading any of it because all I have done is accuse the article of making accusations with no, or twisted evidence.
      Still, given that you don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between a Cancer Research Charity and a Pharmaceutical company, there’s just too much explaining to do in too little space for you unfortunately.

      • So Tom .. How DO you feel about the fact that all the time cannabis has been illegal in the wide world it has also been one of the most promising anti cancer medicines we now know of. Made illegal because of its threat to other established industries and possibly even its profound healing qualities, which also posed a threat. In light of this – can you see why Cancer Research UK is a scam – since the cure has seemingly been under our noses and also prohibited from ingestion?

      • Well Tom I followed your link to the cancer research site of the things they produce and to me it seemed they were pretty much say the answer is just around the corner. It was mostly statements about what they were trying to find out. Also, while it might be true that Cancer Research are a non-profit charity, it is pretty clear from the salaries that it is very profitable to their employees. At which point would you say – hey those salaries seem a little extreme. Non-profit simply means they don’t distribute their earnings to the shareholders – not that they dont make money. It is a total joke to suggest that they “sell the drug onto companies that are much better at …” How stupid are you? Ask yourself – if you found a cure for cancer would you honestly simply sell it to a company that can then market it for millions!

  7. TOM, Ralph Moss was assistant director of public affairs at Sloane Kettering cancer hospital but dismissed when he refused to take part in their cover up of an alternative cure . He then researched and published a book, The Politics of Cancer, revealing how other doctors using successful alternative cures have been harrassed and persecuted. ”The European’ Sept. 1998, published an article ‘Cashing In On The Big C’ , the multi billion cancer industrys target for higher profits, how companies and stock market make billions from drugs to treat side effects of chemo. Considering the billions spent on drugs, research and equipment, the best treatment offered by the cancer industry is chemo which can cause cancer, and has devastating side effects. Several well known people, Inc. Edward Kennedys son, John Kennedys personal physician…..And my own friend given 3 months to live, have been cured using safe non toxic treatment. If alternatives were adopted some drug companies would be bankrupt, thousands would be jobless etc…

    • Marlene, I am sure you are right. Big business, whether pharmaceutical or anything else, can be a corrupt and immoral arena. But the article is not about any of those companies it is about Cancer Research UK.
      Cancer Research UK is NOT a business, it is a charity. Random accusations about big pharma companies are not relevant. I don’t understand why everybody is so determined to pretend that Cancer Research Uk is responsible for all the misdeeds of the cancer-cure industry. It doesn’t make any sense.

  8. Cancer uk are a non profit company.. because it’s built entirely on gifts or my life there have been 8 deaths through cancer and not one person cured or been on remission.huge salaries do not help the public understand cancer they just see greedy ceo’s etc bagging big salaries.i do not give anything to any of the charities now while British low earners are being forced into zero hours contracts and having to use food banks.i personally think why bother giving to fat cat charities when hard working shop keepers ae being forced off the high street because charity shops get everything for next to nothing like rents and taxes. It’s a rip.

  9. Hello. My personal thoughts are Cancer Research UK is such a HUGE scam ripping the Public off for Billions over the years. When type in SUCCESS into the search box we was hoping to find all the success stories of hundreds of people whom have benefited from this “charity” I found there was 1 (ONE) success story from a woman about her husband who survived cancer few years ago, as far as I could read he was actually saved by the surgeon who removed his cancerous lung. And the rest were success stories, but they were successful fundraising event stories! – YES fund rising – In fact – Rick Simpson and his RSO has saved more lives and cured more cancer patients within the last few years than what cancer research UK has ever saved. I am with the page owner – Cancer research UK is a HUGE FRAUD – People need to wake up. Rick Simpson Oil SAVES LIVES – NOT cancer research UK – Google Rick Simpson or checkout Educate yourself

  10. Truth is if Cancer Research UK really cared they’d put pressure on the powers that be to stop Chemo as a treatment and to retrain doctors in how to treat cancer patients using non invasive methods which are being used on a daily basis in clinics all over the world. They don’t care because of money. Pure and simple. Cancer is not a death sentence. Surviving for 5 years is not proof that you’re cured. Traditional treatments cause cancer and the cancer will return. There is a cure which enables people to live for decades and feel healthier than they ever did before. The answer is nature. Your lifestyle can prevent cancer and also rid your body of cancer. This video series below is essential to understand just what cancer is and how to treat it without losing your hair or having horrible side effects. There is hope: Please watch it, share it and save some lives.

  11. i know we as a fund raising group donated £20’000 to cancer research money raised from hard work we were approached by cancer Research and encouraged to do a race for life after many meetings and excitement we were told we would have to attend a weekend away for training in a Hotel and whom will pay for this oh no worries Cancer Research We declined the Invitation and now support Macmillian

  12. Tom is completely correct. It is noticeable that Daisy can find the time to reply to others who agree with her or who want to repost this article, but not to respond to any of the challenges to what she has written.

    My wife is alive as a result of the research, advocacy, treatment and support of various cancer charities, alongside wonderful work by NHS staff. Because of scientific evidence, that has been chemotherapy, tamoxifen, herceptin and zoladex; maybe cannabis & ‘Rick Simpson Oil’ work for some, but there’s little proof of such – whereas the improved treatments & drugs have massively improved survival rates of different cancers.

    Charities can do better on justifying their pay and reporting what they do even more transparently – some are better than others. But that is a long way from them ‘hiding the cure to cancer’ (as if it was a single thing anyway) and being accused of profiteering (as if paying people is ‘a scam’). And it is ignorance to say they set the prices and decide which drugs get used – as discussed above, that is the drug companies & NICE respectively.

    All in all, a wholly inaccurate and misleading post.

  13. Cancer research u.k is one big RIP OFF ! People who give, do so i many cases because of family loss or someone they know, they are NOT getting good value for their money, but dont want believe that they are being scammed .
    & where does all this “research” go ?? Because all the top cancer drugs are by huge Multinationals not “cancer research uk”

  14. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments have 3 objectives first is to make money (it’s a business) the second is to prolong your life. The third and most concerning is its actually designed to kill you. It is my belief that cancer research is actually controlled by the drug companies and it is their aim to simply get people to sign up to a direct debit in order to boost their already vast profits They go about this by instilling fear into the public with clever advertising campaigns .The most effective form of advertising is fear .They carefully manipulate the public by getting people to think that if they don’t donate there will be no cure that could potentially save themselves or a loved one . The nhs now calls all cancer treatments a trial. Anyone receiving cancer treatment actually becomes an experiment in order to make money take my advice and don’t fall for it

    • Hi Phillip Addy.

      Fascinated by your belief that profiteering drug companies are deliberately killing their customers. This seems a poor business strategy – compared, say, with psychiatric drugs, which some may say are designed not to ‘kill’ people, but are marketed as drugs for life – so would be interested to hear more.


      • Thanks for your interest Adam difficult to know where to start recommend you purchase a book called the falsification of history which should explain everything . People are generally missing the bigger picture when it comes to cancer . People are quick to say more people are getting cancer because the population is living longer but what about the thousands of people who get cancer in their 40s and 50s this never happened 40 or 50 years ago . Let me be clear I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist I am a conspiracy factualistiiI . Fact is the powers that be , the people who control the governments and the bankers need to keep the population in check . Cancer has been inflicted on the masses in various ways , one of the bigges causes of cancer is chemotherapy itself , it is specially designed to wipe out your immune system so that when the cancer returns you have even less of a chance of fighting it . The big pharma and charities have got wise to us realising this and now lie to us by telling us that the treatment is now kinder .the powers that be start their murder process on us at a young age when they start injecting so called vaccines into us when we are children . These vaccines are actually designed to dull our brains long term and contribute to long term effects such as mental health problems . They also damage our immune systems long term . Ever wondered why so many people are now on medication for mental illness ? All part of the long term plan . Consider this if you were walking down the road and a stranger approached you and said roll up your sleeve and let me inject this syringe into your arm would you allow it ? But we don’t question doctors and nurses who do this because we are in a controlled environment we don’t even ask what it consists of .93% of oncologists say they would not take chemotherapy themselves and 97% of doctors say they would not take the very same medication that they prescribe for mental health problems on a daily basis . Also Google chemtrails and find out what is being landed on the population from the sky. It is not my belief Adam that drug companies are deliberately killing their customers it is my knowledge

    • Thanks Philip Addy

      Seeing as you are dealing exclusively in ‘facts’ and not ‘theory’, and a talking from ‘knowledge’ and not ‘belief’, there seems little point in discussing my significant points of disagreement with you. No doubt I might as well be arguing the world is flat.

      Thanks for your time.

      • Hello Adam please do list your significant points of disagreement I am genuinely interested in hearing them

      • Oh and don’t forget Adam there’s nothing like cancer causing chemo to generate repeat business a bit like those psychiatric drugs for life you mentioned earlier let’s keep the dollars rolling in . Also try googling the flat earth society

  15. It takes courage to voice an opinion. Cancer research and it’s supporters behave with an intimidating mob mentality. They personalise arguments and ostracise all who disagree with their barbaric profit driven quackery. It doesn’t surprise, the nasty comments you have received. I for one applaud your courage.

      • You’re so full of shit, it’s causing me physical pain. I note you don’t reply to the comments that give hard facts as opposed to your flavour of ‘fact’. You’re disgusting, certainly challenged educationally and quite the deluded soul.
        I imagine you’d be happy to see chemo banned.
        That’s how dumb YOU are.

  16. Hi Daisyheathabbott.

    By your own reporting and numbers, it seems around 97% of the Cancer Research workforce earn ‘up to’ £60,000. If the average is £30,000 (it won’t be exactly), your summing up could be out by around £118,000,000. Do you think that is significant or changes anything about your argument?


  17. If you do decide to donate, instead of donating to research, donate to the organizations that treat the patient, that provide financial support to pay for the medical bills, their mortgage, their meals, their lodging, etc. These people are not working while being treated, they are selling their personal property to get a chance at treatment. If you do a search for organizations that help cancer patients financially, you will find a handful. This article shines light on the darkness of cancer research, when this happens, the darkness does not like it and dont understand it.

  18. DHA,
    1.Have you read the UK Cancer Research “Our Milestones” series? The informative series of 25 articles may not have been posted at the time you wrote this post.
    2. The CRUK salaries that you listed are paltry compared to what US professional athletes make. Or what some US 2016 Olympians garnered in endorsements. How do CRUK salaries compare to pay for UK soccer players?
    Thank you for your attention.

  19. I see cancer research has now resorted to asking people for money in their will.Which is ironic because if you have died from cancer there’s a good chance you have had chemo. As I have mentioned earlier one of the main causes of cancer returning is the chemo itself ,so in effect cancer research uk want you to pay towards your own death and make money from you in the process with your monthly direct debit . Not content with this the also want your money when you’re dead.

    • Hi Phillip Addy

      Your position confuses me. UK Cancer survival rates have, on average, doubled in the last 40 years. I assume you doubt this statistic, as you believe one of the leading ‘treatments’ to be a potent carcinogen. I assume then that you hark back to the pre-chemo era as the golden age of cancer treatment? Would that be a fair inference?

      I think we have mentioned the psychiatric industry in a previous conversation. I assume you are aware of evidence that mental health disability claims continue to rise year on year, closely correlative with psychiatric prescribing rates. It has been said that if cancer mortality rates followed a similar correlation with modern cancer treatments, then these would be discontinued immediately – assuming they would ever have become established in the first place. It makes me wonder whether you think the cancer mortality statistics are fraudulent, and if so, why has no one thought to fabricate the mental health disability statistics? Or if they’re not fraudulent, what do you think is driving down cancer mortality?


      • Hello Adam it seems our argument continues.Yes I do claim that cancer survival rates are fabricated when 95% of chemo patients do not survive past 5 years,no better than the pre-chemo era. If chemo is so good can you explain why 93% of oncologists would not use it themselves? In his or her lifetime a typical cancer consultant will murder far more people than your local drug dealer but will receive a decent salary for doing so . Are you actually claiming that chemo is not a carcinogen? If so you are disagreeing with several blood cancer doctors/professors who I have known for several years who have openly admitted to me that the main reason for blood cancer returning is the chemo itself. Would you argue that chemo is not specially designed to destroy your immune system? When in 100% of for example leukaemia chemo patients your immune system is taken down to 0 . The powers that be are by no means stupid , they have simple strategies in place to brainwash the public. For example patients will be selected at random unbeknown to themselves to receive specially designed chemo which is far different to mainstream chemo for his or her particular cancer in order to give them a longer remission. These lucky few will receive a few more years in order to be used as examples. The actual number of people who have been cured from cancer is 0.That comes from a leading blood cancer specialist who I have known for over 10 years. It is a common joke amongst cancer consultants who have a saying ‘ we class you as being cured from cancer when you die from something else’ In your previous reply you seem to back up my argument (if I have understood you correctly) in relation to the prescription of psychiatric drugs. It’s quite simple the big pharma just wants to make huge profits, The more people on drugs for cancer or mental health problems the better so they implement strategies in order to do this ,starting with vaccinations in early childhood.lets be realistic, the big pharma has within its control the entire mainstream medical profession and industry .The overwhelming persistent propaganda and lies never ceases to amaze. In America doctors themselves are the third biggest cause of death. Not to leave out Western Europe as a whole. In the 1980s there was a strike by doctors in Sweden that lasted around a month a month and during that period the death rate actually dropped dramatically. That is absolutely provably true. Prescription drugs kill 200,000 Americans every year but that’s not the true figure because most clinical trials are conducted overseas in places where regulation is non existent .The big pharma , cancer research, and all the rest of them don’t care who they murder as long as they make huge profits in the process. I’m not sure how to take your replies Adam . Don’t know if you are being inquisitive or if you are putting a case forward for the use of chemo, if the latter you’re not doing a good job of it , but glad are discussion is civil and hope it continues.

  20. I don’t have a solution, the same as cancer research uk. I’m not one of these people who claim there’s a cure that’s being hidden away from us. I base this on the fact that the worlds elite still die from cancer even at a young age. It is my opinion that the only cure for cancer is death. I have recently been the looking at the work by Dr. Leonard Coldwell. Maybe Google him and see what you think. I personally remain sceptical. The solution certainly isn’t the murder campaign by the likes of cancer research uk and the big pharma involving chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other highly toxic methods that are designed to wipe our immune system out and ultimately give us a more unpleasant death than if we stayed away from it all. What’s your solution to curing cancer Paul ?

  21. Please let me know if you have found a cure. I define the word cure as cancer guaranteed never to return. In the last 12 years I’ve known 11 chemotherapy / big pharma victims who were told they were classed as cured because they had reached a remission of 5 years but not one of them made it to 6. One cancer consultant even laughed at me and said we class you as cured when you die from something else. Keep up the good work for cancer research uk and good look with that cure Paul . I’ve also known 7 victims who were told that They would likely reach a 5 year remission with chemotherapy . None of them made it past 18 months . In most cases their death was accelerated .They all died from infections such as sepsis due to their immune systems being wiped out the murderous treatment. Are you not familiar with the eugenics program ?

  22. Getting back to your question I don’t think there is a cure.I base this on the fact that the worlds elite still die from cancer even at a young age. I’m not one of these people who believe there’s a cure which is being hidden away from us. I’ve been looking at the work by Dr. Leonard Coldwell, try googling him see what you think. Unfortunately the only cure for cancer seems like death at present. What’s your solution to curing cancer Paul ?

  23. There are many websites now that talk about managing and curing cancer, there may be different types of cancer but ultimately they are cells gone wrong, but treatment doesn’t look at the cancer stem cells, these need to go for full recovery, and chemo and radiotherapy may blast cancer cells but it is very well documented that these very therapies will later kill you with another cancer that they are responsible for. I also find it ironic that Macmillan do coffee mornings when research has known for well over 40 years that sugar ‘feeds’ the cancer??? There is also evidence of ‘paid bloggers’ or people who specifically look for sites where any negativity towards these sorts of organisations and big pharma do not follow what these people want you to think so will criticise any open thought and questioning of the their practices. The term ‘Scienctific research’ seems to have been hijacked by these ‘paid’ people who actually have no idea what research really is, you have to be lacking complete common sense not to read as much of the literature out there, both for and against, but something that needs closer scrutiny is who carried out the research and who funded it. Furthermore is this a ghost written article, where the pharmaceutical company has made up the research and paid a well known doctor to put their name to it. Currently there are cases going through American courts for these very manipulation of the truth. There seem to be a few of these people on this site to discredit the blogger. I believe cancer can be cured and there are people who are living survivors of cancer but no through the usual routes, Dr Mercola’s website is extremely informative and so is The Truth About Cancer by Dr Bollinger. Cancer research is only looking at providing drugs there is nothing about diet and nutrition that has been thoroughly researched, just more drugs. So is it a front or pharmaceutical companies…….

  24. I notice cancer research has a new commercial in which they are using the wording another cure. This is extremely misleading because this would imply that they have already produced at least one cure, where as in fact they have not produced a single cure for any form of cancer despite the vast amount of money they have conned people into donating. If the worlds leading so called cancer specialists are the first to say that no cancer can be classed as cured ( a cure meaning there is a guarantee it will not return ) then how can cancer research uk get away with this ? Surely this is misadvertising ? I would like to hear cancer research uk definition of a cure for cancer.

  25. This year I lost my sister to cancer, she took chemo and was told it wasn’t working. She was diagnosed in September 2017. She died in January 2018. Her last week’s of life she spent in pain. I would not take chemo if I was diagnosed with cancer. I would rather live what I had left.
    I feel the chemo accelerated my sister’s death. It did not extend her life.
    My sister was in her thirty’s.
    My father in law died five years ago from cancer. He to was diagnosed in September. He was told chemo would extend his life. He took the treatment. He died the following February.
    My life experiences of cancer have also seen grandparents die from cancer. They lived well into their eighties. They did not take chemo.
    I have given to charity to “find” cures in past but agree with this blogger that money would be better given to Macmillan.

    • Hello Jason I’m very sorry to hear about your sister ,yet another example of chemo accelerating someone’s death and being lied to by so called doctors .I too had a similar experience ,in my family members case she wasn’t just told by doctors urging her to take the chemo that it would extend her life we were actually told that they expected a cure . The professors words were ‘she’ll be done and dusted in 6 months’ In one way he was right ,she was turned to dust when she was cremated 3 months after starting the chemo.Her immune system was destroyed by the cocktail of drugs we were told were specially designed to do the opposite . Nothing short of murder in my opinion .If say someone was dying from any disease but they were killed in the meantime by other means then the person or persons would be held accountable ,so why doesn’t this apply to the people who administer these drugs ? On another matter cancer research uk recently run an advert and used phrase ‘more cures’ This would imply that they have already found cures with the millions they have already scammed the public for .I decided to phone them and said I was thinking of making a donation on the basis that they could provide me with details of their ‘cures’ They couldn’t ,not one .Surely there is some advertising organisation that should be aware of this .If a charity is advertising on tv with this information but can’t back it up then that’s wrong

  26. Come on all you supporters and fundraisers for cancer research uk , give me something back .None of this 5 year remission nonsense .I want some ‘cures’ evidence . ‘More cures’ is what they used in one of their scam adverts so let’s here about the existing cures . A reply from a cancer research employee maybe ???

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