‘Water is NOT a human right’

         Nestlé, the largest producer of food products in the world has announced that the answer to the current global water issues is privatization. The most vital of resources to all life forms is to be made a commodity. And apparently this is the company we are to trust to manage our water.

The very same company that has peddled junk food into the Amazon, has invested money to thwart the labeling of GMO-filled products, has a disturbing health and ethics record for its infant formula, and has deployed a cyber army to monitor internet criticism and shape discussion in social media… no doubt I’ll be next on the hit list.

The irony in all of this is companies like Nestlé have an immense track record for creating such shortages which they proclaim they are so worried about. They put together a good case don’t they…

Jeffrey Green at the Activist Post argues that ‘the more precious this resource becomes, the more our friendly multinational corporations profit for this new ‘commodity’, and the more our governments seek to tax it’, disturbing isn’t it?

Fresh clean water is essential to all life forms. It seems that a resource so vital shouldn’t be controlled or corrupted by any corporation or government. Shockingly, Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Latmathe, would disagree, stating that ‘access to water is not a public right, nor is it a human right’. So let’s get this straight, the most vital and fundamental element that we humans and all living organisms rely on is not a basic human right?

I do have a issue with the amount of water consumed. We believe (as we should) that the water we are using is a human right and therefore we treat it like one. We are using it in an irresponsible manner, although it is the most precious resource that we have. Why? Because we don’t want to give any value to water. If we did then we would quickly realise the true reliance that we have on it.

Currently we can shower, bathe, wash and drink as much as we want with no infliction on our conscience. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?


It is our very ignorance that is fueling companies such as Nestlé into think they can conquer and control all that the world and nature has to offer. But just because, to them water might be something to own, we most definitely are not, are we?


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