You’re all sluts


Slut shaming – noun – An act of making any person feel guilty or inferior for certain sexual behaviours or desires that deviate from traditional or orthodox gender expectations.

Slut shaming, along with its cousins body shaming, victim blaming and sexual bullying, are pervasive in today’s society. Social media has not only brought more attention to the problems of slut shaming, it has also made it worse. Hordes of people now hide behind their digital masks and verbally attack people on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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Euthanasia – To live or let die?


Mortality is the great mystery of life.

Not knowing when your time is going to run out. Curiosity, even fear, about what our precious last moments on earth will be. And who, if anyone, will be there to share them with us.

Many of us place our faith in science, medicine and religion. Ultimately though, the only thing certain about death is at some point, we will each individually succumb to it.

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10 Things I Hate About Christmas

There are lots of beautiful adverts and radio songs playing at the moment to really warm and gear you up for the  jolly season. People tend to lose their self-control over Christmas, with impulsive purchasing, obsessive eating and binge drinking (I am guilty of all the above). I find it expensive, stressful and really hard work. Being subject to advertisements of happy, hassle free families is just adding pressure to an already demanding period. So here is 10 things that I strongly dislike about Chrismas… Bah Humbug.

  1. Artificial spray snow

Especially drifted into the corners of windows, giving off the impression it’s been snowing – tack, tack tacky. No.

xmas blog

  1. Shopping anywhere that is not online.

Involving the general public who are all grumpy and pissed off in queues, enthusiastic shop assistants who force me to say ‘no thanks, I’m just looking’ & crap Christmas songs. I dislike the general public at the best of times! But Christmas time is just the worst. No joy to be found here.

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  1. The smug early birds.

They have finished all their Christmas shopping in October and walk about gloating. I mean there is organised and there is just ridiculous.

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  1. Travelling

Always a nightmare by road, rail or plane. Busy, expensive and delayed. Leaves me angry at the world, causing me to hibernate in bed, eating an offensive amount of food.

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  1. Egg nog.

Disgusting. No.

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  1. Christmas themed coffees

They are everywhere. No I do not want a toffee and pecan flavoured chocolate latte with maple cream and honey poured over it. The sickly sweet liquid leaves a nauseating after taste… a bit like Christmas.

xmas blog 6

  1. Gift Buying

What I like is seeing something at a random time of the year that reminds me of the person I love and then treating them to it. I do not like the frenzy, deadline and expectations put on Christmas gifts. You mind goes to a weird place when you’re shopping and you start thinking anything. ANYTHING will suffice. Who doesn’t want a new keyring? When you have no money it is even worse. I would rather get a gift that reminded me of them rather than scramble for something in a shop last minute because the dooming deadline is approaching. Then comes the remorse. Every other time of the year we have to be budget conscious, Christmas approaches and that little word ‘budget’ goes flying out the window, along with self-control. We spend freely and flamboyantly in order to conform to the jolly season that’s quickly approaching.


  1. Tacky Festive “Fashion”

Including Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers and awful onesies. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good onesie, in fact I plan my day around my onesie wearing. However, shelling out £25 for a santa themed one, which is only appropriate to wear 4 weeks of the year is just frivolous and wasteful.


  1. Religious and Racial Tension

This is a relatively recent development. Over the past few years there have been some ridiculous happenings surrounding the Christmas season. From people being reprimanded for saying Merry Christmas, to Christmas trees being removed from public places on the grounds of their religious meaning. Rumours that Bing Crosby’s infamous song ‘White Christmas’ is to be removed due to its racial connotation. How ridiculous. That is the problem with political correctness gone wild. You forgot who you are and what it’s really about. So Happy Hanukkahramanahwanzas? NO! MERRY CHRISTMAS! That’s how we roll around here.

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  1. Christmas Lists

Christmas lists, end of year lists and complaint lists. Like this one.


Well Done Britain, You Fell For It

Black Friday marks a time where the American masses seem to be blind folded and sent out from their homes and herded into shops at obscene hours of the day to spend cash they have or may not have in preparation for the coming season.Ironic that the previous day Americans feast and be thankful for what they have….

Black Friday is the darkness that fuels the light of the Christmas spirit of consumerism.This pseudo-holiday is used to lure in customers with “deals” that seem unique or hard to come by.

This is a day where chaos ensues all over the country. Why? Because some items in shops are a pound cheaper than the day before. This year the UK has decided to adopt this tradition. There seems to be sales on everywhere. Every shop is trying to sell mounds and mounds of cut-price shite to zombied shoppers.

                      black friday

Corporations are ploughing millions of pounds into advertisements that try and convince us that a ‘£5000 TV is what will make your family happy this Christmas, and with £50 off this Friday only!’, how ridiculous.

However, it is not just the discounts that are a sham. Fair enough a tenner off a jumper you wanted is a nice little pre-Christmas treat, but it is most definitely NOT worth the drama. Like always we Brits stay true to our name, and boy have we put on a show this year…

Shoppers are wrestling over televisions in Asda. In Victoria Secrets, London girls are pulling on each others hair trying to grab the last bra… a site most people would usually want to see, but not today. Britain has gone mad, and it is embarrassing.

Consumers (rather that ‘customers’) fall victim to their own blind purchasing power. Can’t you see how stupid you look? Statistics show that the time leading up to Christmas causes more stress than any other time of the year. A time where we are meant be at home with our families enjoying and celebrating has now turned into a money making scheme where companies will try and squeeze every last penny out of you, and if they don’t you are made to feel guilty.

No your child does NOT need the latest Xbox game or Frozen DVD just because they saw an advert. I’m sure what is best is that their parents have a stress free, debt free Christmas and NOT for them to be caught up in an embarrassing Primark brawl.

Westfield Shopping Centre London and Dante’s Inferno, can you spot the difference?

dantes inferno